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"A single breach of your data could devastate your business!"

Our Mission: Identifying, isolating and resolving your company's IT security risks.


Perform Assessments

After the network scope evaluation is completed, we perform vulnerability assessments, penetration testing and business risk analyses. These can be done mostly after hours and/or on weekends to minimize the disruption to your daily operations.

Why The Need?

Sensitive information is one of the most important assets of any organization, so it makes good business sense to make its security a priority. Information security is the processes of preventing unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, inspection, recording or destruction of sensitive data.

Those processes:
  • Protect the organization’s ability to function.
  • Enable the safe operation of software applications implemented on the organization’s network and computer systems.
  • Protect the data that the organization collects and uses.
  • Safeguard the technology of the organization.
In an increasingly 'connected' world, information and networks are exposed to an exponentially rising number of risks. Threats such as malware, phishing, hacking and denial-of-service attacks have become more common, ambitious and sophisticated; causing implementing, maintaining and updating an information security program to be quite challenging. In addition, vulnerabilities in operating systems and application software are also uncovered on what seems like a daily basis.

How do you move forward and protect your business?

Implementing an information security program can protect the technology and information assets by preventing, detecting and responding to threats, both internal and external. To support the information security strategy, it’s important to improve staff awareness of information security issues through ongoing training and other initiatives.

Threats and system vulnerabilities must be evaluated and analyzed. This means establishing and implementing control measures and procedures to minimize risk; and regularly auditing those to measure the performance of controls and identify any emerging gaps.

We can do all of this for you!

Organizations also need to enforce their information security policies and review them regularly in order to meet changing security requirements and – what is even becoming more and more important – new government information security compliance standards.

Develop The Plan

Once the assessments and testing have been completed, a detailed strategic plan will be developed that will prioritize the current risks to be mitigated for any technology and/or personnel training gaps that were identified.

Why Today?

In 2023, all previous records were shattered when it came to data that were lost in breaches and the total number of cyber-attacks on companies, government and individuals. In addition, the sophistication of threats increased with emerging technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence and 5G. Additionally, greater tactical cooperation among hacker groups and state actors is on the rise.

The current state of information security readiness:

Despite all the warnings and high-profile breaches, the current state of readiness for most organizations when it comes to cybersecurity is gloomy. The need for better ‘cyber-hygiene’ from using stronger passwords, patching software, multi-factor authentication, employee training and awareness, and many other important security steps could not be more critical.

The economics of information security:

Total costs associated with breaches have been consistently rising year after year. The new vulnerabilities that emerged from shifting to a remote workforce as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic greatly expanded the cyber-attack surface and added many vulnerabilities for hackers to exploit. Also, automated attacks by hackers and the ability to be paid with cryptocurrency via ransomware exploits has added to the annual costs of cybercrime.

Several research studies conducted in 2023 cite the hundreds of millions of attempted cyberattacks that occurred every day throughout last year. Malware increased by an average of over 350% overall compared to 2022 and ransomware in particular increased by over 430%.

Ransomware and Phishing will remain as the primary information security risks in 2024. Attackers have ‘doubled-down’ on ransomware and phishing, while deep-fakes and disinformation will become more major threats in the future, according to a host of information security threat reports.

It has been conservatively estimated that cybercrime will cost the world over $10.5 trillion annually by 2025. Civilization will store over 200 zettabytes (that’s 200 trillion gigabytes) of data by the year 2025, according to respected industry and government sources. This includes data stored on: private and public on-premise networks, utility infrastructures, private and public cloud data centers, personal computing devices (PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones) and on IoT (Internet-of-Things) devices (automobiles, connected appliances, smart home security systems, personal digital assistants [Siri, Alexa, Cortana, etc.], wearable health monitors, cams [dash, security, web and body cams], wireless internet access points… and countless more). This just increases the attack surface and likely target pool for cybercriminals.

The longer any company, practice, firm, organization, institution or agency waits to address this issue in a substantive way, the more difficult and costly it becomes for them, AND the more likely it is they will become victims of cybercrime.
We can help you!

Implement Strategies

Once the comprehensive plan has been evaluated and approved, we will begin working with your IT vendor and/or your staff. This is done in a deliberate and phased approach, saving time and reducing overall costs.

Why Us?

Many IT vendors and consultants are good at what they do. They install network equipment, Wi-Fi systems, servers, workstations and even telecommunications systems; some even have insights on the daily operations of your business. But, are they true “Information Security Specialists”? Simply installing a firewall and using buzz-words like "VPN" or "gap analysis" doesn’t constitute being an InfoSec specialist.

We’re not trying to replace your IT vendor.

Our mission is to take an objective, unbiased and in-depth look at your IT systems and infrastructure, and harden those existing investments.

We’re platform and equipment agnostic.
This means if your existing equipment is of good quality; has the capacity to run in a hardened, enterprise-style environment; and is still able to receive regular updates/patches produced by its manufacturer, then by all means we’ll make it part of the overall proposed InfoSec strategy.

We're very good at what we do.
Many companies who ‘dabble’ in the information security business are learning ‘information security’ while you’re paying them to protect your business. Would you want to be operated on by someone still in under-graduate school or by a highly experienced surgeon with several board certifications? We have the certifications and decades of experience as practitioners and educators within information security technologies. Our team is comprised of information security officers, directors, technicians, higher-education InfoSec instructors and federal contractors. We have the knowledge and real-world experience to take your business into a state of information security readiness and responsiveness.

We won’t break your bank.
Our services are tailored to your specific environment and needs. We won’t EVER recommend any services beyond what you exactly need to get into that state of information security readiness.
Let us prove it to you!


Information Security Services

Information Security
vs Cybersecurity?

Is there a difference between information security and cybersecurity?
We're asked this question frequently. Information security and cybersecurity are so closely connected that they’re often thought of as being one and the same. There are, however, some important differences between the two.

What is Information Security?
Information security is the processes of preventing unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, inspection, recording or destruction of sensitive information. If you're an InfoSec specialist, your focus is on the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data. This is often referred to as the “CIA Triad” that is closely aligned with the CISSP certification (we have several CISSP’s on our team).

Today, most business data are stored electronically on servers, desktops, laptops, mobile devices or in the cloud. Just a few years ago however, before most confidential information migrated to digital platforms, it was sitting in filing cabinets or in paper charts. Some confidential information still resides there today! But, it's about much more than that.

InfoSec is concerned with making sure data, in any forms, are kept secure. It's also about how the data are kept secure... from the computer systems to firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems all the way through to staff education and training. InfoSec is therefore a term that is far more encompassing than cybersecurity. Technically speaking, someone could be a cybersecurity expert without being an information security expert at all.
We are both!

What is Cybersecurity?
Cybersecurity is all about protecting data that are found in electronic form (like we stated above, in servers, desktops, laptops, mobile devices and the cloud) from being compromised or attacked. Part of that expertise is identifying what the critical digital data are, where they're located, their risk exposure and the technology required to protect this data. Cybersecurity, however, doesn't address anything regarding the "human factor" in how data breaches occur. Information security does, and we provide these comprehensive services through a holistic, multi-layered approach.

A hardened, responsive and adaptive information security program is the primary lens by which we derive all of our services. We offer our extensive knowledge and expertise as granular as your business needs dictate. This means that we work with your team to concentrate only on those areas that need help or refinement. If you don’t know exactly what the needs are but just know you need someone to take a look at your IT systems, we can do that too… and provide you with a full report of our findings. Whether you choose to engage us to help you act on that information or not, at least you’ll have the knowledge and empowerment to know in what direction to go.

Consulting Services

We offer industry specific or generalized:

Plans and Policies

Business Continuity Plans
Disaster Recovery Plans
Information Security Policies

System Design

Intrusion Detection and Prevention
Wireless Access
Network Routers/Switches
Servers/Operating Systems
Workstations/Operating systems

Online Employee Education

Annual InfoSec Training
New Hire InfoSec Training

Cloud Services

Cloud / Offsite Backup

Having an encrypted, off-site and always-ready backup of your systems and data is critical to every business, in every sector. We offer a variety of backup plans and services designed to fit the needs of your business.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery (DR) means much more than just having backups. We have the DR platforms and infrastructure that can have your business back up and running through virtual systems very quickly, not days.


Secure Data Storage

There are many options when it comes to secure file storage. We have cost-effective plans that guarantee all of your data are encrypted while in use, in transit and at rest... and is only accessible by you!

Server & Network Monitoring

Network, system and application monitoring provides a clear and real-time view into the health and operation of your business IT systems. This service can be as broad or granular as necessary, with up-to-the-second alerts.


We are a dedicated team of information security officers, directors, technicians, higher-education InfoSec instructors and federal contractors.
The decades of knowledge and real-world experience we have can quickly take your business into a state of information security readiness.
Cyber threats are only going to increase... let us help protect and safeguard your business IT systems and data. You'll be glad you did!

Cyber Threat Statistics

96 Percentage of U.S.
Businesses With Vulnerable
Computer Networks
19623 2023 Cost of U.S. Targeted
Cyber Crime (in $Millions)
600000 Facebook Accounts
Compromised Daily
1650 Successful Cyber Attacks
Per Week on U.S. Businesses

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